Contributors and Interviewee Profiles

Adam Day

Adam Day is the Senior Policy Adviser at the Centre for Policy Research at United Nations University, Tokyo, where his research focuses on the changing nature of armed conflict and implications for the United Nations. He previously served in the UN missions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Darfur. | Twitter: @AdamDayTokyo

Murray Brewster

Murray Brewster is senior defence writer for CBC News, based in Ottawa. He has covered the Canadian military and foreign policy from Parliament Hill for over a decade. Among other assignments, he spent a total of 15 months on the ground covering the Afghan war for The Canadian Press. Prior to that, he covered defence issues and politics for CP in N Read More...

Sabrina Karim

Sabrina Karim will start a new job as an assistant professor in the Government Department at Cornell University in the fall of 2017. She is currently a U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security Fellow at the Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth College. | Twitter: @sabrinamkarim

Julie Vanderperre

Julie Vanderperre is a recent political science graduate of McGill University in Montreal. She has written for the McGill Tribune and was an intern for AID India in Chennai and for Social Justice Connection in Montreal. She currently works for France-Amerique Magazine in New York and speaks English, French and Spanish.

Leanne Smith

Leanne Smith is Associate Director of the Whitlam Institute, Western Sydney University and currently on sabbatical from her role as the Chief of the Policy and Best Practice Service of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York. Image courtesy of the Department of Defence.

Deen Sharp

Deen Sharp is the co-director of Terreform and a PhD candidate at the City University of New York in Earth and Environmental Science. | Twitter: @deensharp

Kevin Sieff

Kevin Sieff became the Post’s Nairobi bureau chief in 2014, after covering Afghanistan as the bureau chief in Kabul for two years. Prior to joining the Post, he worked in the Washington bureau of the Financial Times and covered immigration from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Sieff attended Brown University and the Johns Hopkins School of A Read More...

Muneinazvo Kujeke

Muneinazvo Kujeke is an Intern with Peace Operations and Peacebuilding division, ISS Pretoria

Tafadzwa Munjoma

Tafadzwa Munjoma is an Intern with the Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Division, ISS Pretoria | Twitter: TapiwaMunjoma 

Joëlle Jenny

Joëlle Jenny is a fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University and the former director for Security Policy and Conflict Prevention at the European External Action Service.

Megan Roberts

Megan Roberts is the associate director of the International Institutions and Global Governance program at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Tarek A. Sharif

Dr. Tarek A. Sharif is the Head of the Defense and Security Division at the African Union. Twitter: | @AU_PSD

Joanne Richards

Dr. Joanne Richards is a Technical Advisor on SALW/DDR in the Defense and Security Division, of the African Union. She is seconded on behalf of Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC). Twitter: | @BICC_Bonn

Olof Skoog

Ambassador Olof Skoog is the Permanent Representative of Sweden to the United Nations. | Twitter: @OlofBSkoog, @SwedenUN

Marina E. Henke

Marina E. Henke is an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. Her research focuses on military interventions, UN peacekeeping, and European security and defense policy. | Twitter: @mephenke

Alexis Guidotti

Alexis Guidotti is a CIC Visiting Scholar and PhD candidate at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas Twitter | @AlexisGuidotti  

Lauren Spink

Lauren Spink is a Peacekeeping Program Officer at Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC). She is also the co-author of a recent CIVIC report Under Fire: The July 2016 Violence in Juba and UN Response. Twitter: | @lspink01

Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brulé

Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brûlé, PhD in Political Science (McGill University, 2011), is Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and International Studies at Bishop’s University (2012-present).  Her recent research focuses on information sharing in international missions. | Twitter: @SaMyMarBru

Patrick Cammaert

Major General Patrick Cammaert (retired) has served as the UN Force Commander in Ethiopia/Eritera, as General Officer Commanding the Easter Division in MONUC in DR Congo, and as the Military Advisor to the UN Secretary-General and DPKO.

El Ghassim Wane

El Ghassim Wane is the Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations and the United Nations | Twitter: @elghassimw

Amanda Lucey

Amanda Lucey is a Senior Researcher in the Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Division of ISS Pretoria

Jacqueline Cochrane

Jacqueline Cochrane is a communications specialist at ISS Africa

Devon Haynie

Devon Haynie is news editor, international for U.S. News. | Twitter:  @DevonHaynie

Lee Berthiaume

Lee Berthiaume Canadian Press defence and veterans affairs reporter. | Twitter: @leeberthiaume

Richard Warnica

Richard Warnica is a writer at the National Post | Twitter: @richardwarnica 

Ryan Rappa

Ryan Rappa is a data specialist at the Center on International Cooperation. 2016  Global Peace Operations Review Strategic Summary | UN Peace Operation by the Numbers

Emily Paddon Rhoads

Emily Paddon Rhoads is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Swarthmore College

Tanisha Hewanpola

Tanisha Hewanpola is a career diplomat in the Australian foreign service. Most recently, she co-chaired the intergovernmental negotiations of the UN Security Council, and General Assembly, leading to the adoption of the 2016 Peacebuilding Architecture Review resolutions (commonly known as the 'Sustaining Peace' resolutions). | Twitter: @Tanisha_H

Kristoffer Tarp

Kristoffer Tarp is an analyst at the Danish Institute for International Studies. Twitter |@KristofferTarp

Hannah Dönges

Hannah Dönges is a PhD candidate studying the protection of civilians (POC) in armed con-flict. She has travelled several times to South Sudan as part of her research and in this essay reflects on some of her observations of how this key part of the mandate of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is working in the field. Twitter | @HannahDonges Read More...

Marie-France Chatin

Marie-France Chatin est une journaliste chez Radio France Internationale

Barbara Crossette

Barbara Crossette is a fellow of the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies at the Graduate Center of CUNY, a contributing editor and writer to Pass Blue, and the United Nations correspondent for The Nation.

Syed Akbaruddin

Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin is the permanent representative of India to the United Nations. Twitter: | @AkbaruddinIndia

Gustavo de Carvalho

Gustavo de Carvalho, Senior Researcher and Onnie Kok, Researcher, Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Division, ISS Pretoria | Twitter:  @gb_decarvalho

Jonathan Rozen

Johnathan Rozen is an independent researcher and writer based in Toronto | Twitter: @rozen_jonathan

Ashraf Swelam

Ashraf Swelam is the Director of the Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA). Twitter: @Swelamiat

Adriana Erthal Abdenur

Adriana Abdenur is a Fellow at Instituto Igarapé in Rio de Janeiro. | Twitter: @AAbdenur

Karim Hafez

Karim Hafez is a researcher at CCCPA.| Twitter: @Karimhafez90

Bert Koenders

Bert Koenders is the Minister of Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the former Special Representative the Secretary-General and Head of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA).

Scott Sheeran

Scott Sheeran is a Counsellor at the New Zealand Permanent Mission to the United Nations and on leave from the School of Law and Human Rights Centre, University of Essex.

Haidi Willmot

Haidi Willmot is currently on leave from the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

Aguibou Diarrah

Ambassador Aguibou Diarrah is head of the AUPB in the Peace and Security Department

Jeni Whalan

Jeni Whalan is a Senior Research Fellow of the University of Queensland’s School of Political Science and International Studies and the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.  Twitter: @JeniWhalan

Louise Olsson

Louise Olsson is Senior Advisor on Gender, Peace, and Security at the Folke Bernadotte Academy. Twitter: @LouiseKOlsson  

Oscar Fernandez-Taranco

Oscar Fernandez-Taranco is the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support.

Gillian Bird

Gillian Bird is the permanent representative of Australia to the United Nations in New York.

Ismael A. Gaspar Martins

Ismael A. Gaspar Martins in the permanent representative of Angola to the United Nations in New York.

Frederic Ngoga Gateretse

Ambassador Frederic Ngoga Gateretse is the Head of the Early Warning and Conflict Prevention Division in the AU Peace and Security Department.

Ian Johnstone

Ian Johnstone is a Professor of International Law at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. He also holds an appointment as non-resident senior fellow at the Center on International Cooperation, New York University.

Riana Paneras

Riana Paneras is a Senior Researcher, within the Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Division of ISS Africa

Liezelle Kumalo

Liezelle Kumalo is a Junior Researcher, within the Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Division of ISS Africa

Mogens Lykketoft

Mogens Lykketoft is the President of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly. | Twitter: @UN_PGA

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah is a Mauritanian diplomat who was a senior United Nations official.

Ourania S. Yancopoulos

Ourania S. Yancopoulos, a United Nations intern in 2015, will earn her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Statistics from Columbia College at Columbia University in May 2016.

Robert Muggah

Dr. Robert Muggah is a specialist in security and development and oversees research at the Igarapé Institute.

Onnie Kok

Onnie Kok is a Researcher of Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Division, ISS Pretoria

Cedric de Coning

Cedric de Coning is a senior researcher with the Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Research Group at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) Twitter: @CedricdeConing

Gizem Sucuoglu

Gizem Sucuoglu is a Senior Program Manager at the Center on International Cooperation | Twitter: @gizmous

Lesley Connolly

Lesley Connolly is a former Research Assistant on the Global Peace Operations Review Program at the New York University’s Center on International Cooperation. She has recently joined the Center for Peace Operations at the International Peace Institute. Previously, Ms. Connolly was a Senior Program Officer in the Peacebuilding Unit at the Afri Read More...

Hanny Megally

Hanny Megally is a Senior Fellow at the Center on International Cooperation. | Twitter: @hmegally

Elsina Wainwright

Dr Elsina Wainwright is a Visiting Senior Fellow at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation (CIC). She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor and Non-Resident Fellow at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Twitter: @Elsinawrigh

Melissa Kent

Melissa Kent is a Reporter / Producer at CBC Radio-Canada

Ralph Mamiya

Ralph Mamiya is the Team Leader of the Protection of Civilians Team in DPKO and a co-editor of The Protection of Civilians in International Law (forthcoming May 2016, Oxford University Press). The paper on which this essay was based was drafted when the author was an independent consultant and represents only his personal views, not those of any cu Read More...

Gabriel Domínguez

Gabriel Domínguez is a Journalist and Editor at Deutsche Welle, Asia Desk

Tamrat Samuel

Tamrat Samuel is a non-resident fellow at the Center on International Cooperation.

Séverine Autesserre

Severine Autesserre is an Associate Professor of Political Science, specializing in international relations and African studies, at Barnard College, Columbia University (USA). She works on civil wars, peacebuilding, peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and African politics. | Twitter: @severinear

Jean-Marie Guéhenno

Jean-Marie Guéhenno is president of the International Crisis Group and non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and the Center on International Cooperation. From 2000 until 2008 he was Under Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations. | Twitter: @JGuehenno 

Joachim Koops

Joachim A. Koops is Dean of Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Research Professor at the VUB’s Institute for European Studies and Director of the Global Governance Institute (GGI). |Twitter:@JoeKoops

Anne-Marie Goetz

Anne Marie Goetz is a Clinical Professor at the Center for Global Affairs, New York University Center for Global Affairs, New York University. | Twitter: @amgoetz

Jean Arnault

Jean Arnault was a member of the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations (HIPPO) and is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Center on International Cooperation (CIC). He has been the head of UN peace operations in Afghanistan, Burundi, Georgia, and Guatemala.

James Traub

James Traub is a fellow at the Center on International Cooperation. "Terms of Engagement," his column for, runs weekly. | Twitter: @JamesTraub1 

Yf Reykers

Yf Reykers is a PhD fellow of the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO). He has been conducting his research at the Leuven International and European Studies (LINES) Institute since October 2013. His research focuses on the relationship between the United Nations Security Council and regional organisations in peace and security related dossiers. | Read More...

Sarah Hearn

Sarah Hearn is Associate Director and Senior Fellow at the Center on International Cooperation. She oversees CIC's Global Development program. | Twitter: @SarahEHearn

John Karlsrud

John Karlsrud is a Senior Research Fellow and Manager of Training for Peace at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). | Twitter: @johnkarlsrud

Alexandra Novosseloff

Dr. Alexandra Novosseloff is Senior Visiting Fellow at the Center on International Cooperation of New York University. | Twitter: @DeSachenka

Rob Jenkins

Rob Jenkins is a professor of political science at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York, and the author of Peacebuilding: From Concept to Commission (Routledge, 2013). Rob Jenkins is the co-author of Missed Opportunities: Gender and the UN’s Peacebuilding and Peace Operations Reports with Anne Marie Goetz

Alischa Kugel

Alischa Kugel is a CIC consultant and as a former Senior Program Officer at CIC was a contributor to and editor of the Global Peace Operations Review.  | Twitter: @AlischaKugel 2015 Global Peace Operations Review Strategic Summary | Changing Realties : New Dimensions in Peace Operations

Bart M.J. Szewczyk

Bart M.J. Szewczyk is a member of the Policy Planning Staff, Office of the Secretary of State, U.S. Department of State. This views expressed in his writing for the Global Peace Operations Review do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. government

Nora Gordon

Nora Gordon is a Foreign Service Officer at U.S. Department of State.

Barnett Rubin

Dr. Barnett R. Rubin is a Senior Fellow and Associate Director of CIC’s Afghanistan Pakistan Regional Program. | Twitter: @BRRubin

Jim Della-Giacoma

Jim Della-Giacoma is the Deputy Director of the Center on International Cooperation. | Twitter: @jimdella 2016  Global Peace Operations Review Strategic Summary | UN Peace Operation by the Numbers

Edward Burke

At the time of Mr. Burke's contribution to the Global Peace Operations Review, he was an associate fellow at the Foundation for International Relations and Foreign Dialogue.

Sarah Cliffe

Sarah Cliffe is the Director of the Center on International Cooperation at NYU. | Twitter: @sarah_cliffe

WPS Sidhu

Waheguru Pal Singh (WPS) Sidhu is Senior Fellow for Foreign Policy at the Brookings India Centre and Brookings Institution. He is also a non-resident Senior Fellow at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation (CIC). Sidhu is also a guest faculty member at the NATO Defense College in Rome and a regular columnist for Mint newspaper Read More...

Peter Nadin

Peter Nadin is an independent researcher based in Sydney, Australia. He is the author along with Patrick Cammaert and Vesselin Popovski of ‘Spoiler Groups and UN Peacekeeping’ (London: IISS/Routledge, 2015) | Twitter: @PeteNadin

Teresa Whitfield

Teresa Whitfield is the Senior Adviser to the President & Head of Front Office at the International Crisis Group; an earlier draft of this article was completed when she was Senior Adviser to the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue. | Twitter:  @WhitfieldTeresa

Jason Stearns

Jason K. Stearns is the director of the Congo Research Group at the Center on International Cooperation, New York University. | Twitter: @jasonkstearns

Richard Gowan

Richard Gowan is a non-resident fellow at the Center on International Cooperation, where he was previously research director.  He is also a fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, teaches conflict resolution at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, and writes a weekly column (“Diplomatic Fallout”) for World Poli Read More...

Center on International Cooperation

The Center on International Cooperation (CIC) creates the ideas, analysis and policies needed to transform international cooperation on leading global challenges, such as increasing peace and security, strengthening fragile states, securing strategic resources and tackling climate change.

Karin Landgren

Karin Landgren is a non-resident visiting fellow at the Center on International Cooperation. |Twitter: @LandgrenKarin