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African Peace Operations

The goal of the Global Peace Operations Review is to provide the most comprehensive overview of multilateral contributions to peacekeeping, conflict prevention, and post-conflict peacebuilding. In doing this, our objective is to take a focus on all p Read More...

Can we make UN peacekeeping great again?

If UN peacekeeping operations are “at a crossroads” as the Secretary-General told the Security Council on 6 April, then it is a policy and linguistic roundabout. This is the same phrase that a senior official used to describe the Brahimi report i Read More...

Conflict Prevention

The need for a greater emphasis on conflict prevention is a common theme of the major reports of 2015 on peace operations, peacebuilding, and UNSC Resolution 1325. It is a broad subject area that cuts across the wide spectrum of peace operations. Co Read More...

Global Peace Operations 2018: Year in Review (

Major policy issues in peace operations: 2018 and beyond

Has UN Peacekeeping Become More Deadly?

Many practitioners believe that peacekeeping has become an increasingly dangerous undertaking in recent years. My research paper “Has UN Peacekeeping Become More Deadly? Analyzing Trends in UN Fatalities”, tries to get at the heart of this questi Read More...

Key Messages from Civil Society on the UN’s role in Peace and Security

On its 70th anniversary, the United Nations finds itself at a crossroads. Old and new threats, challenges and risks to international peace and security are increasingly testing the ability of the organization and the efficacy of the instruments avail Read More...


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Strategic Summary 2016 | UN Peace Operations by the Numbers

On 1 January 2017, a new UN Secretary-General took office. From day one, he will be responsible for more than 100,000 uniformed and civilian personnel on some 24 peace operations. The report of the 2015 High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operation Read More...

Sustaining Peace and Peace Operation Mandates: The Liberia Transition (

The Challenges of Full Deployment on UN Peace Operations

The UN has always had problems deploying its largest, infantry-heavy missions. The 2015 Leaders’ Summit on Peacekeeping and this week’s 2016 UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial in London are Member State driven initiatives to do better. Broader p Read More...

The enduring legitimacy of UN peace operations (