Global Statistics on Peace Operations

Database on Global Peace Operations


In keeping with our mission to improve the effectiveness of peace operations, the Global Peace Operations Review has built a unique, comprehensive dataset that tracks political and peacekeeping mission data over time.The database contains monthly data from January 2005 through December 2015 on levels of Troops, Police, Experts on Mission, Civilian Staff and Volunteers on all UN Peacekeeping Operations.

Unlike other databases/datasets, or United Nations’ published data, the Database on Global Peace Operations is the first and only place that the assembled data have been made available together for download, analysis, and online visualization in a clean, well-organized way.

The database will be updated regularly. In the near future, we plan to post updated data on gender and nationality of personnel, mission budgets, fatalities, political and non-UN mission data, as well as data on the existing indicators going farther back in time.

Suggested citation: Data Source: United Nations. Prepared by the Center on International Cooperation, [date accessed], available at

Below are some visual examples produced with the above data, additional visuals and data is available on our Featured Data page.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback as we work to improve and expand the dataset. Please send us your comments using the GPOR feedback form or direct specific questions to GPOR’s data specialist Ryan Rappa (

We’re also on Twitter at @PeaceOpsCIC. As you’re using the database, we invite you to tweet us your best visualizations!