Non-UN Political Missions 2014

ECOWAS Mediator for Guinea-BissauEUBAM LibyaEUSR for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in GeorgiaOSCE Centre in Astana
ECOWAS Mediator for MaliEUBAM Moldova and UkraineEUSR in AfghanistanOSCE Centre in Bishkek
ECOWAS Special Envoy for Burkina Faso
EUBAM Rafah EUSR in Bosnia and HerzegovinaOSCE Mission to Moldova
ECOWAS Special Representative for Cote d'Ivoire EUCAP NestorEUSR in KosovoOSCE Mission to Montenegro
ECOWAS Special Representative for GuineaEUCAP Sahel MaliIGAD MVMOSCE Mission to Serbia
ECOWAS Special Representative for Guinea-BissauEUCAP Sahel NigerIGAD Special Envoy for SomaliaOSCE Office in Baku
ECOWAS Special Representative for LiberiaEULEX KosovoIGAD Special Envoys to South SudanOSCE Office in Tajikistan
ECOWAS Special Representative for MaliEUMM GeorgiaJoint AU-UN Chief Mediator in DarfurOSCE Office in Yerevan
EU Senior Coordinator for the Great Lakes RegionEUPOL AfghanistanJoint UN-Arab League Special
Representative to Syria
OSCE Presence in Albania
EU Special Envoy for Central AsiaEUPOL COPPSMISAHELOSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine
EU Special Envoy for LibyaEUPOL RD CongoOHROSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan
EU Special Envoy for the Middle East Peace ProcessEUSR for Central AsiaOMIKOSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine
EUAM UkraineEUSR for the Horn of AfricaOSCE BiHRAMSI
EUAVSEC South SudanEUSR for the SahelOSCE Centre in AshgabatTIPH